Another wine blog…

Well, I am not sure if anyone has ever counted, but I’m sure the Internet has enough people writing about wine. You can pretty much google any clever wine pun and there’s a blog. Quality writers? Probably. Interesting writers? Sure. Funny, non pretentious ones? Yup. So why bother? I’ve actually thought about it for a while and I guess it comes down to “why not?” for me. I know some things! I’ve always loved wine, learning about it, reading about it, and trying new ones. I even took real legitimate courses – and enjoyed them! I’ve been to vineyards in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and very recently, California. Not very many, I’ll admit, but enough to gain a lot of respect for the process of making wine and a huge appreciation for the effort that results in a delicious bottle.

What will I write about? I enjoy trying to find a wine that I love that is not overly expensive. I also want to start comparing more wines directly, instead of just trying one and thinking, “hey, that’s pretty good”. I think anyone can do that, and figure out what they like, but it might be nice to try and compare and see why I like one wine over another, either similar wines from the same area, or different varietals. Who knows?

I also have come to realize that while I will inevitably talk about the glass of wine (or 2) I have after a long day while sitting on the back porch or in my living room, most often, it’s the wine I drink with my fiance, my friends, or my family that has the story that goes along with it.

So, anyways, I’ll give this a go, and see what happens. At the very least, I’ll have finally put some of my thoughts on the Internet for someone to stumble on via google.



2 thoughts on “Another wine blog…

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love trying new wines too! Here are a few on my rotation these days:
    Les Montgolfiers (Syrah) – France
    Bougrier Vouvray (Chenin Blanc) – France
    McGuigan Black Label (Shiraz) – Australia

    Usually in stock at the LCBO!

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