The fun of travel and wine (and shopping)…

I personally find it fun to go shopping for wine (or beer, or whatever you’re feeling) at the good old LCBO. I love browsing the labels, reading the posted scores and reviews, sometimes buying something just for the airmiles, and picking out something I’ve never tried before. Or, buying a stand by that I’ve always enjoyed and know someone else will love.

Recently, having just come back from California, it was exciting to come across a few special bottles in the Vintages section from a winery we had just visited in Napa Valley, Clos du Val. So exciting, in fact, that we splurged and bought both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Zinfandel for a cottage weekend, although I would hardly classify either of these as a typical “cottage wine”. Besides both being fabulous wines (I have reviewed each briefly on the website if you’re interested), they brought me right back to our wonderful vacation, and had my fiance and I reminiscing before we’d forgotten any of the details of our trip.

One of the things I find interesting about wine is that it seems to evoke a lot of emotions and feelings in people. I know personally, since I’ve been back from California, I’m sticking to that section of the liquor store. Fortunately for my Canadian tastes, I am heading to the Niagara region next week for work, so I’m sure I’ll see my shopping shift in that direction, especially after stopping into a few wineries between meetings :). For me, my ever shifting taste in wine is what keeps it so intriguing! If I’m at a party and get to try a new Malbec from Argentina, chances are that I’ll pick it up the next time I’m shopping for another party or event. I think that aspect of sharing the knowledge is another reason why I wanted to start writing about wine!



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