The fun of travel and wine (and shopping)…

I personally find it fun to go shopping for wine (or beer, or whatever you’re feeling) at the good old LCBO. I love browsing the labels, reading the posted scores and reviews, sometimes buying something just for the airmiles, and picking out something I’ve never tried before. Or, buying a stand by that I’ve always enjoyed and know someone else will love.

Recently, having just come back from California, it was exciting to come across a few special bottles in the Vintages section from a winery we had just visited in Napa Valley, Clos du Val. So exciting, in fact, that we splurged and bought both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Zinfandel for a cottage weekend, although I would hardly classify either of these as a typical “cottage wine”. Besides both being fabulous wines (I have reviewed each briefly on the¬†website if you’re interested), they brought me right back to our wonderful vacation, and had my fiance and I reminiscing before we’d forgotten any of the details of our trip.

One of the things I find interesting about wine is that it seems to evoke a lot of emotions and feelings in people. I know personally, since I’ve been back from California, I’m sticking to that section of the liquor store. Fortunately for my Canadian tastes, I am heading to the Niagara region next week for work, so I’m sure I’ll see my shopping shift in that direction, especially after stopping into a few wineries between meetings :). For me, my ever shifting taste in wine is what keeps it so intriguing! If I’m at a party and get to try a new Malbec from Argentina, chances are that I’ll pick it up the next time I’m shopping for another party or event. I think that aspect of sharing the knowledge is another reason why I wanted to start writing about wine!